The ICT Support Program for Jobless Professionals within the ACK Diocese of Mt. Kenya Central is committed to protecting the privacy and security of all personal information collected from our registrants. This Data Privacy and Security Policy outlines our practices regarding the collection, use, storage, and protection of your personal information.


Data Collection

  • Types of Data Collected: Personal information such as full name, date of birth, contact details, address, educational background, professional experience, and any other information provided during the registration process.
  • Purpose of Data Collection: The data is collected to facilitate program registration, identify support needs, organize events, and provide tailored assistance to registrants.


Use of Data

  • Program Administration: Personal information will be used to manage and administer the ICT Support Program effectively.
  • Communication: Contact details will be used to communicate with registrants regarding program updates, events, and opportunities.
  • Analysis and Reporting: Aggregated data may be used for program evaluation and reporting purposes to improve our services.


Data Storage and Security

  • Data Encryption: All personal data collected will be encrypted during transmission and storage to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Access Controls: Access to personal information will be restricted to authorized personnel only, ensuring that data is handled securely and confidentially.
  • Regular Audits: We will conduct regular security audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities in our data management systems.


Data Protection Compliance

  • Regulatory Compliance: Our data privacy practices comply with relevant data protection regulations, including the Kenya Data Protection Act 2019 and international standards where applicable.
  • User Rights: Registrants have the right to access, correct, or delete their personal information at any time. Requests can be made by contacting us at (email address here).



The ICT Support Program for Jobless Professionals within the ACK Diocese of Mt. Kenya Central endeavors to protect the personal information of all registrants. However, we cannot guarantee absolute security due to the inherent risks associated with digital data transmission and storage. By registering for the program, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks associated with sharing your personal information online. The ACK Diocese of Mt. Kenya Central will not be held liable for any unauthorized access, loss, or misuse of personal data, except where such incidents arise from our negligence.