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An ambassador is the main project manager responsible for recruiting, training, assigning tasks and tracking progress. By recruiting partners, an ambassador will earn up to 10% of every student's registration from all schools enrolled by his team of partners every month.


It is incredibly important for an ambassador to train, equip and support his/her team of partners. Well-equipped partners will result to smart lead generations and successful conversions. As GICTSYS Senior Ambassador, you can manage the entire customer lifecycle, including sales, implementation, support, and renewals for GICTSYS software solutions.As an ambassador of GICTSYS means aligning with one of the most recognized and valuable brands that are making a difference in the education sector – opening your business to new technology, opportunities, and markets. We rely on individuals/companies like yours to provide the coverage, local knowledge, and industry expertise required to help GICTSYS capitalize on the rapidly-growing small and midsize enterprise (SME) market.

You’ll quickly benefit from generous commissions for GICTSYS schools subscriptions or reselling GICTSYS software directly or through your team of channel partners, and with the appropriate certification, you can offer maintenance and support services.

You can also gain GICTSYS Recognized Expertise designation by demonstrating competencies and customer success.