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School Management Systems (SMS)

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School Management Systems (SMS)

GICT School Management System GICT-SYS is the ideal choice for you if you’re seeking high-quality, reasonably priced school management software, regardless of how big or small your institution is.
Besides assisting you in reaching your overall objective, our robust school
management software will give you the assurance you require knowing that you
are working with a reputable and secure education technology firm.



Using information and communication technologies in education can play a crucial role in providing new and innovative forms of support to parents, teachers, students, non-teaching staff and the learning process more broadly while giving management complete oversight and control.

At GICT, we offer plans that will suit your institution. From pre-school,
through primary and high school to tertiary institutions.
Our systems offer among others;

  • Financial management
  • Academic calendar management
  • Complete and automated fee
  • Report card and certificate generation management and tracking.
  • Transportation management
  • Admissions and student information
  • E-library management management
  • HR and Payroll management
  • Teachers Portal
  • Inventory management
  • Students Portal
  • Communications management:- Email, SMS etc.
  • Parents portal
  • Mobile application
  • Attendance/timetable management
  • Integration with other key systems
  • Online assessment/assignment
  • Lesson plan management
  • Scheme of works and student assessment
  • Homework and diary management management